Learn basic emergency response for wildlife 

Wildlife Aware: Workplace Training

Learn how to identify wildlife in distress at your workplace and how to safely transport them to your nearest wildlife hospital. You will receive a 'Wildlife Aware' certificate at the end of this course.

We are a registered charity. Course fees go toward patient care.

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This course will cover:

  • Bias toward wildlife 
  • Common workplace hazards for wildlife
  • Signs of distress in wildlife
  • Safely securing and transporting wildlife to a hospital
  • Preventing harm to wildlife in your specific work setting
  • A live virtual tour at Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre

Course Sections




Become an advocate for wildlife

What is the Purpose of this Course?

To equip members of the public with the confidence and skills needed to identify a wild animal in distress, and to safely secure and transport the animal to the nearest wildlife hospital. 

Who is this Course for?

This course is for anyone who wishes to give back to the community by helping wildlife get professional medical care when they are found in distress. The course focuses on wildlife you may encounter at your workplace or volunteer setting, whether you are in an office, vehicle (i.e., delivery personnel), outdoors, and more. 

Why Take the Course?

Without a dedicated rescue team, Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre relies on community members to bring sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife to our hospital for treatment. With your help, we can ensure wildlife receive the time-sensitive medical care they need for successful rehabilitation and release. 

Special Offers

Group rates are available for two or more participants from the same workplace. To access the group rate, email us your workplace name and number of participants. To access the student rate, email us the school name where you are currently enrolled.

Corporate Group Rate
15-35% OFF
Non-profit Group Rate
20-40% OFF
Student Rate
35% OFF

'Wildlife Aware' Employer Certification Program

Creating a community
of care

Participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.
Employers can apply for 'Wildlife Aware' certification, indicating how many active employees have taken the course.
Employers will be awarded bronze, silver, or gold 'Wildlife Aware' certification based on the percentage of active employees who have taken this course and number of rescue kits on site. 
participate in a live virtual Q&A with SPWC Staff to complete the final section of this course


Upcoming Q&A Schedule


Thursday, Feb 8
6 PM


Friday, March 22
12 PM


Thursday, April 11
6 PM

Course Reviews

"The Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre Wildlife Aware: Workplace Training course is exceptionally well-structured and comprehensive, covering a range of topics related to wildlife conservation and animal care through a thoughtful and compassionate lens. The instructors are undoubtedly experts in their field, and their passion and care for wildlife shines through their teachings, making the learning process engaging and enjoyable."
Jenna Quinn, Conservation Science Manager, Ontario Nature
"This course has given me the extra confidence to help animals who need it! Being a full out animal lover since day one, I have never been so excited to learn how to properly and carefully care for wildlife without causing them any extra stress and pain. This is one course that I will be offering any and all employees to take!"
"Sandy Pines Wildlife Aware course helped me learn the basic skills required to safely transport injured wildlife for proper care. I was able to put the course into practice when I safely transported an injured bird to Sandy Pines for further care. Thanks for a very informative, worthwhile course."
"It was great! The Wildlife Aware: Workplace Training course taught by Jess Pelow, OCT and Leah Birmingham, RVT taught me invaluable skills that I can confidently apply to my current role."
Alida Nugent, Parks Program Educator, Sandbanks Provincial Park
"The wildlife course delivered by Sandy Pines Wildlife Center provides an excellent in education in recognizing signs of distress in wild animals and in safely handling and containing them to the point that they can be delivered to professionals for medical care. The course is very informative and well-delivered. The staff at Sandy Pines are clearly very passionate about their work and I hope they continue to deliver such courses."
ontario nature
"This was such a wonderful learning experience, and I'm so glad I took this course. I feel much more confident in helping and identifying wildlife that may need to be helped."

"I strongly recommend this training to anyone who works in an area where they may come into contact with wildlife. The training is comprehensive and informative, providing valuable knowledge and skills on how to prevent, respond to, and safely handle situations involving wildlife."


"This course was very helpful in identifying animals in distress and the proper handling for transport to a facility. I think it's very valuable for people to know this in the event that they have the opportunity to save a life. I found the section on handling different species extremely useful and would feel more comfortable doing it now."


"I appreciated the course's interactive and engaging nature, which helped reinforce the key concepts and make the learning experience enjoyable. The trainers were knowledgeable and gave practical advice on how to reduce the danger of animal interactions and deal with them safely when they arise."


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